I’m Robin D. Everson. I’m a journalist that writes about the good things in life – art, culture, events, food and wine, people and places, and healthy living.

My parents and aunt passed away due to food-related preventable diseases – type 2 diabetes, breast and pancreatic cancer.

As a food and wine writer, my diet was not conducive to good health. I had type 2 diabetes and a host of other health issues. I realized something had to change and I went looking for answers. Equipped with information on a vegan diet, I jumped in and saw my health improve overnight. My blood glucose levels dropped 100 points within the first week and I lost 15 pounds within the first three weeks. I am now diabetes free.

My readers were confused and angry that my writing now reflected my healthy lifestyle. But, I knew I had to stay true to my health. The road hasn’t been easy but it has been a journey worth traveling. I am thankful for my readers that have been on the journey with me.

I became a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Food For Life instructor so that I could help others by providing them with the best science-based information and great tips on how to feed themselves the diet that we redesigned to enjoy.

My extensive research into what I was going to eat to regain and maintain good health, how my decisions affect animals and the environment coupled with additional coursework and training, has helped me be confident in sharing the best life has to offer to my readers.  Although, I am the only vegan at the table during media events and social gatherings, I am happy to share my experiences with my readers so that they may, too, navigate a world where they may find themselves being “the only vegan at the table.”